Special Guest

29th January – 1st February 2015

Opening: Thursday, 29 January, 12 noon

Opening hours: Thurs – Sun, 12 noon – 8 p.m.

The Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen has been committed to contemporary art since 1985 by providing new stimuli as a lively platform and a place for experiments and by contributing to the networking of the Swiss art scene. At the centre are questions about the current production of the younger artist generation and socially relevant themes. We are convinced that art is an important instrument for both the celebration and the questioning of complex relationships.

At artgenève 2015 Kunst Halle aims to confront the audience with this complexity: The artists Miriam Laura Leonardi (*1985, Lörrach), Jacky Poloni (*1989, Lugano) and Julia Znoj (*1990, Berne) depart from a common interest in language, in deconstructing preemptively conjoined gestures and habits as well as shifting relations and hierarchies among objects and subjects. Reconsidering common associations they reuse components of reality to merge actual and fictitious states and focus on structures and stagings of the familiar and uncanny from unusual perspectives.


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