Aaron Flint Jamison
«Opportunity Zones»

25th October 2019, 6 p.m.

There is no medium and no artistic form of expression that the conceptual artist avoids or does not seek in his research on the function and functioning of systems. Aaron Flint Jamison has even founded a magazine (Veneer) and an institution (Yale Union in Portland, Oregon) for this purpose. They are the symptomatic incarnation of his networking practice and have established themselves as leading voices in today's American art scene. Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen is pleased to host one of Jamison's rare solo exhibitions, for which the artist will realize a completely new production. Jamison's interest in printed matter, new technologies, but also holes in the art system will play an important role in the project. In addition, a new edition of Veneer will be published as part of the exhibition.

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