Listening Session with Taimashoe

14th February 2021, 6 p.m.

Listening Session with Caroline Ann Baur, Vanessà Heer and Taimashoe. Photo: Katalin Deér

During the exhibition period of «WO WIR» (engl. «WHERE WE») Caroline Ann Baur and Vanessà Heer use their installation Tremor Walks as a temporary studio to test new sounds together with other artists. In the arrangement of yellow panels, a two-part sound body for soundscapes has been created, which are produced in the workshop behind the installation. By creating and sharing space, drawing new boundaries, and dissolving old ones, ideas of sound, language, and perception are negotiated beyond their traditional meanings and active listening is encouraged. The soundscapes that can be heard are developed in improvisations with invited guests and the two artists based on a score.

On Sunday, 14 February, 6 p.m., a joint listening session with the artist and performer Taimashoe will be broadcast live out of the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen on the radio station

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