«On the Route»

28th September 2019

Join us on the Voralpen-Express! For an entire day we commute between St.Gallen and Lucerne and on each trip invite you to an exhibition of the students of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, BA Fine Arts and Art & Design Education.

The project is a contribution to the current exhibition «Protect me from what I want – 15+1 years Helvetia Art Prize» and takes place in a reserved car of the Voralpen-Express. Please pay attention to the announcements on the platform or the notice on the car.

A regular train ticket is required for each journey.
We will equip ten visitors with one ticket per trip upon prior notice! Registration until Friday, 27 September, 12 noon, by e-mail to info@k9000.ch. Please indicate the desired trip.

1st trip: LU-SG 7.39-9.56 a.m.

Halifax (Anouk Koch, Felix Stöckle, Dario Schorer)

see through rose-tinted glasses
Protect me from what I want – Halifax makes you fall in love.
We wrap the world in cotton candy, take you by the hand. Newly met and already we are long gone.
Join us on a journey with the Voralpen-Express and experience the enchantment. You'll be blown away, Halifax lends wings.

2nd trip: SG-LU 10.03 a.m.-12.21 p.m.

Gähwiler & Gisler (Fabienne Gähwiler, Mario Gisler)

12 ‹Pärli›

12 pairs (‹Pärli›) of St.Gallen sausages find their way to Lucerne.
The artist duo Gisler & Gähwiler rides its bicycles in the Voralpen-Express from St.Gallen to Lucerne. In its suitcases it transports a culinary heritage: the St.Gallen sausage. It has been a Swiss craft since the Middle Ages and still reflects our nation today.
With the help of the two bicycles, the artists transform the St.Gallen delicacy into a work of art. The 12 'Pärli' are then distributed at the Lucerne train station.

3rd trip: LU-SG 12.39-2.56 p.m.

Schreibwerkstatt (Anna von Siebenthal, Melissa Frei, Angela Erni, Rachel Seger, Julie Mader)

We, a group of writers from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, BA Fine Arts and Art & Design Education, meet weekly to write, read and discuss texts together. We use language as a creative tool and practice, practice, practice. Each semester the group realizes a publication, meanwhile editions 1-5 have been published. The group will give an insight into its work on 28 September in the Voralpen-Express and invites you to participate. We will travel together from St.Gallen to Lucerne and carry out various exercises, which will provide a playful approach to language, far away from usual text forms, grammar and spelling. Join us or watch the Wort-Spiel-Marathon (Word Game Marathon): Together we write in the Voralpen-Express and fill the train with texts!

4th trip: SG-LU 3.03-5.21 p.m.

Diskursive Plattform (Andrea Fortmann, Anna Lena Eggenberg, Dustin Kennel, Marvin Prinz, Alex Nüesch, Sophie Germanier)

Diskursive Plattform is riding the success train.
On the train from St.Gallen to Lucerne, the group will conduct a variety of workshops to address the issue of how to present oneself as an inherent part of creative work.

5th trip: LU-SG 5.39-7.56 p.m.

Lena Pfäffli

A Guided Tour
For the participation in the exhibition project «Protect me from what I want» of the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen Lena Pfäffli realized a sound installation, which can be heard during the train journey from Lucerne to St.Gallen on a unique occasion. Based on the analogy between the off-space as a stationary exhibition space and the off-space as a transit space and interspace of the train, a mental journey begins. The work, entitled A Guided Tour, is dedicated to the systems within the art world, exploring the roles, needs and problems of the art field and the conditions of art production from the perspective of a young female art student in Switzerland. The travellers are invited to let themselves be accompanied by these playful, narrative thoughts on their train journey across half of Switzerland and to devote themselves entirely to the spatial feeling of the off.

For the weather forecast or other questions please contact San Keller, Co-Leader BA Fine Arts and Art & Design Education at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts: 079 542 49 67.

«On the Route» is a project by the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, BA Fine Arts and Art & Design Education, in the context of the current exhibition «Protect me from what I want – 15+1 years Helvetia Art Prize», which aims to give an overview of the young Swiss art production. In collaboration with Schweizerische Südostbahn AG.

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