Stephen Prina «Galesburg, Illinois+»



The book accompanying the project «Galesburg, Illinois+», documents and discusses Stephen Prinas attempt to create a "conceptual, autobiographical work". In unfolding his own world of relationships, he links thematic areas such as politics, popular culture and art in a way that is associative and rich with materials, whereby Prinas City of Birth Galesburg suddenly becomes the navel of the world. It was published as a result of the exhibition in the Kunst Halle St.Gallen (26th September - 29th November), as well as in Museum Kurhaus Kleve and Petzel Gallery New York

With contributions of Stephen Prina, Harald Kunde, Giovanni Carmine, Andrea Viliani, Alex Kitnick, Susanne Figner and a talk between Isabell Graw and Stephen Prina.


20 x 25cm, 175 pages, hardcover


Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne 2016
ISBN 978-3-86335-928-7

CHF 40.-




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