Swiss Media Art International «Mapping New Territories» 


Group show «Mapping New Territories» with Knowbotic Research, Marlene McCarty, 56kTV Bastard Channel, N3krozoft Mord. The goal of the initiative is to position media art within the context of conventional contemporary art and to instigate a serious art historical discourse. For the first time, the Neue Kunst Halle St. Gallen, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Culture/ and the Basel based media-art institution [], presents four contemporary media art projects. Installations and performances discover new territories in exhibition space. With an introduction by Gianni Jetzer, Annette Schindler, Maria Stergiou and Texts by Maria Stergiou, Villö Huszai, Yvonne Volkart and Gianni Jetzer. 



14 x 19 cm, 265 pages, 20 colour images, CD-ROM, softcover 
Christoph Merian Verlag 2005

ISBN 3-85616-238-0 
CHF 49.-


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