Frank and Patrik Riklin, Atelier für Sonderaufgaben 
«Das kleinste Gipfeltreffen der Welt»  


The St. Gallen-based artists Frank and Patrik Riklin (*1973) have been collaborating as the "Atelier für Sonderaufgaben" since 1999. The Studio's work involves practical assistance with the problems of daily life as well as art productions – their leitmotiv for all their actions is the concept of "everyday life." For the exhibition «Das kleinste Gipfeltreffen der Welt» the Atelier für Sonderaufgaben visited the six smallest politically autonomous districts in Switzerland and its neighbours At the end of their visits, Frank and Patrik Riklin delivered to each mayor an invitation for a summit on the Kamor (Appenzell, CH). With texts by Burkhard Meltzer, Peter Sloterdijk and a geographical section by Joris Ernest van Wezemael/André Odermatt (University of Zurich), including a map signed by the artists. 



23.5 x 33.2 cm, 92 pages, two colours silver/black, hardcover
CHF 35.-


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