Alex Hanimann «Birdwatching» 


This publication has been released on the occasion of the exhibition «Birdwatching» in the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen. Two spacious bird-cages situated next to one another are painted in strong colours. Each of them contains two chambers which are connected by a window. In the first cage, the colours offered to the birds are red and blue, while in the second cage they are white and dark grey. Does the offered artistic environment play a role for the birds at all? Perhaps they will sing more beautifully due to the effect of the colours? Does art have a similar effect on humans? With texts by Albena Yaneva and an introduction by Gianni Jetzer. 



17 x 22 cm, 64 colour pages, 80 pages, hardcover-binding
Edition Fink 2004

ISBN 3-906086-65-8

CHF 28.-


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