«Voyages opaques»

12th April – 9th June 2003

Regula Engeler «Voyages opaques», exhibition view, 2003. Photo: Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

The artist Regula Engeler from Eastern Switzerland has been working mainly with film for five years. Her short films are minimal recordings of space and time shot by hand. At the Kunsthalle St.Gallen she presents the new film Voyages opaques. In her films, Regula Engeler follows deliberately selected, intense moments in different places. In doing so, she follows minimal movements with the camera, which leads to slight shifts in the usual perspective.


Regula Engeler (*1973, Ruiz de Montoya/ARG and St.Gallen/CH) lives and works in Bühler in the canton of Appenzell. 

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