«Frequently Asked Questions»

29th November 2002 – 19th January 2003


Etoy, exhibition view, «Frequently Asked Questions», 2002 


Etoy, exhibition view, «Frequently Asked Questions», 2002 


Etoy, exhibition view, «Frequently Asked Questions», 2002 


Etoy, exhibition view, «Frequently Asked Questions», 2002 

The Kunsthalle is presenting the work of etoy, the internationally renowned media artists group, in their first comprehensive solo exhibition anywhere in Europe. In recent years, etoy has created a coherent body of work. With their intrepid and spectacular presentation and their global strategy, they have made a name for themselves on the international scene. They will be using their solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle to inform, and to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Who are the etoy.CORPORATION?

The etoy.CORPORATION has made a name for itself around the world as a collective, using playful means to undermine the barriers between art, identity, nations, fashion, politics, technology, the development of relationship networks, music, power and business. Their aim as media artists is to bring influence to bear on global markets and through a digital form of culture. The etoy.CORE-TEAM consists of 10 men and women aged between 16 and 54 years. With their offensive Corporate Identity, part of which is the vivid use of the colour orange, they utilise and at the same time paraphrase marketing strategies.

Where can I sleep free of charge during the etoy exhibition in St. Gallen?

Until 19 January 2003, there will be a mobile unit outside the Kunsthalle on Davidstrasse, known as the etoy.TANK. These modular 12-metre long units were created by etoy so that they did not need to have a fixed headquarters. In the Kunsthalle, visitors will be able to see office, studio and living modules. It will also be possible for guests to apply to spend a night in a sleeping berth.

Where can I get more information on etoy?

The etoy story is a long and varied one. In recent years, they have been getting themselves noticed, especially on the net, and also with projects in Japan, the USA and most recently in Turin. There is a telephone system available to inform the public about etoy’s complex history. Using key combinations, callers can call up any data on etoy, or also speak directly to an agent. Etoy.CUSTOMER-CARE +0848 0000 24.

Did etoy really go to war?

There will be a separate room in which can be seen resources (newspaper articles, films, e-mails, etc.) about the TOYWAR. Two years ago, in an unparalleled virtual campaign, etoy forced the US toy manufacturer eToys Inc. to revoke its rights to the website Twelve etoy.MEMBERS, ten lawyers and more than 2,000 activists took part on etoy’s side in the TOYWAR. As well as an incomparable resistance movement, it gave rise to a complex art performance in the public media arena, and an alternative economy, which according to etoy has to incorporate capitalist thinking, just as much as social and cultural values, participation, solidarity, entertainment and aesthetics. All BATTLEFIELDS will be on show in St. Gallen, and will be staged in a room installation.

How much does an etoy.SHARE cost?

A new form of art funding was launched by etoy in 1998. The etoy.SHARES (of which there are 640,000 in total) are the logical reaction to the rising operating costs of the international art corporation. Instead of works of art, the etoy.CORPORATION has begun to sell participations in the form of shares. Art collectors, institutions and new employees become participants in the whole system and work of etoy. The growing collection of etoy.SHARE CERTIFICATES has taken over the role of visually documenting the company’s history. They will be flown to St. Gallen on loan from all over the world.

Is etoy generous?

The play culture is the basis of other works exhibited in the Kunsthalle. There will be a separate games room freely available for visitors. The games machines are of Japanese manufacture, and are called PACHINKO. They are fed, as is usual in Japan, with small metal balls. One metal ball is equivalent to 1/50 of the value of one etoy.SHARE. Conditions in the Kunsthalle are quite incredible: thousands of spheres covering the ground, encouraging an endless game of chance…

Is etoy safe?

At the Kunsthalle cash desk, you will be able to buy etoy.SHARES in the form of a credit card. A variety of orange slot machines will offer a wide range of etoy.DIVIDENDS. There will also be a presentation of the SEALAND platform. It is from this abandoned air defence platform off the English coast that etoy has been running its most important Internet nodes since its legal difficulties related to TOYWAR.

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