«Initiative for Trade Aesthetics (ITA)»

1st January 2021 – 21st January 2022

1 January 2021 marks the beginning of the Initiative for Trade Aesthetics (ITA), a long-term collaboration between Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and the oral corporation Yugoexport by Irena Haiduk. ITA heads off with a publishing campaign grounded in an economic studio. New chapters are released monthly, forming the bodies of Studio Feelings and All Classfications Will Loose Their Grip.

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Read DLya00Ona4uTT: A Wintertime Tale (Release date: 1.1.2021)

Read Dramatis Personae: Medusa (Release date: 2.2.2021)

Read Carrier (Release date: 8.3.2021)

Read Dream State Code of Conduct (Release date: 12.8.2021)

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