Mark van Yetter
«False Friends…
and Six Bottles»

1st March 2019, 6 p.m.

Curated by Giovanni Carmine & Alexis Vaillant

Melancholic couples, allusions to violence, everyday objects as well as dreamy settings and landscapes characterize the paintings of the American artist Mark van Yetter. In spite of their modesty - which usually manifests itself in small formats and materiality - van Yetter's paintings, thanks to their independence and elliptical narratives, manage to imprint themselves on our memory. It is a strange, surreal, sometimes uncanny world that the artist presents to us and at the same time dilutes. Here both poetic observations and political snapshots find a special place and unfold their full potential in unexpected encounters. The overview exhibition allows a deep insight into more than ten years of the artist's work. On this occasion van Yetter presents new works that serve as an echo space and confront the audience with the political and intimate topicality of the work.

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