Karsten Födinger
«C30/37; XD1, XF2»

28th January – 1st April 2012

Peter Regli
«White Horse Dream»

29th October 2011 – 8th January 2012

Sven Augustijnen

13th August – 10th October 2011

Navid Nuur
«Post Parallelism»

12th February – 18th April 2011

Beni Bischof
«Dumm schauen und Kekse fressen»

21st August – 1st November 2010

Hassan Khan
«Evidence of Evidence»

22nd May – 9th August 2010

Benefit Exhibition

8th May – 9th May 2010

Susan Philipsz
«From the Beginning»

20th February – 3rd May 2010